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About Us

Planted from a seed of passion, Holistic Habitats has been created out of a demand for environmental awareness. An eco-friendly landscape should be easy to maintain, support the owner physically & mentally, benefit the community & the planet while bringing joy to those around it, and that is our goal whether your space is big or small. 

We believe in the healing power of nature, and as our climate begins to change we think it’s helpful to draw attention to this power, and how you can take advantage of it within your own world for yourself and your property. Modern yard care focuses a lot on turf grass, but offers so little back outside of monoculture aesthetics. Turning unused lawn space into an environmentally-productive space can offer you fresh & organic food, a place of solitude or to welcome guests, somewhere to interact with nature or just an undisturbed place to contribute to climate stability. 

Using a healthy balance of environmental analysis and traditional methods can help make your vision of a new space come to life with minimal effort.  We want to hear what you want in your yard, and apply our knowledge to that to make the place unique. Native plants that are adaptable to our weather, our soil and urban pollution are primarily used to create a beautiful yard for you to enjoy for decades. We can incorporate trees, shrubs, annuals, pollinator favourites, groundcovers and other elements to make your Holistic Habitat come to life! 

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