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Garden Design

How many plants are out there to choose from? Too many! That’s why we are here. Our design process will ensure the right plants that are suitable for your unique microclimate will get selected to create a beautiful new space. 

Our design focus is on time; the time to do it right. Some spaces are ready to work with, some need some prep and that’s why there are three approaches to the process.

Whatever the reason is though, we are here to help discuss which method will work best for you to create your Holistic Habitat.


1 Season

2 Season

3 Season

You get your new Holistic Habitat in the first growing season! We will visit your property and evaluate your space for suitability (some invasive plants need special attention) and offer the best plants that are able to thrive in your environment that suit your desires. Existing beds and most lawn spaces can take advantage of our 1 Season turnaround, meaning you and the environment can start benefiting from creating a Holistic Habitat right away!

Sheet Mulching

Want to turn your lawn or part of it into a garden but want to do the design and planting yourself? Then this service is for you. Sheet mulching is a great way to get rid of your grass while leaving the soil ecosystem intact and healthier than before. In this method we use biodegradable materials to kill off the existing plant life (usually grass), and add organic mulch on top to suppress light, retain moisture levels and eventually break down to create food for the ecosystem that remains in the soil. Healthy soil equals healthy plants.

When you have a space that has been left to the weeds for longer than you planned, we have the perfect plan to replace it with a functioning Holistic Habitat. Some plants that inhabit our spaces don’t like to die, and it takes some patient diligence to eliminate them for good. While we prepare your yard in the 1st season (pesticide -free!), you can browse our carefully selected plant options or create-your-own yard from scratch, with the help of a garden designer, and we’ll install it in the 2nd season*. 


This is our most popular option, and the most functional to longer term success in our opinion. Established plants can form root networks that are stubborn to eliminate, ignoring this fact can leave your new space with unwanted inhabitants that can be detrimental to your new Holistic Habitat.


*This method can be done in one season provided the process starts in early spring, planting would be expected in the fall.

Rewilding larger landscapes properly is not something that should be rushed, and this is one of the reasons we have this longer option. Eliminating invasive species, soil testing, installing plants at the right stage and size are some of the things to consider for the larger Holistic Habitat, or maybe you just want to spread your budget out over a longer time to take the pressure off doing it all in a condensed period. Nature wasn't grown in a year, so it’s only natural to take your time if you’re planning to appreciate your Holistic Habitat for a long time. 

Tree Planting

Trees are an important part of the ecosystem, and we prioritise them as such. We believe in ‘the-right-tree-in-the-right-place’ mentality, meaning that we won’t lumber you with a 70ft giant in your 25ft yard in 20 years. There’s a great range of trees in all shapes, sizes and flowers/fruits to consider when deciding a tree, and we are here to help you find the perfect one for your Holistic Habitat!

Companion Planting - Shrubs, perennials, annuals and groundcovers

Trees and shrubs create the bulk canopy space and privacy screens, but the beauty is built with their companions. You will love the bold colours, exotic leaves, butterflies & other pollinators that these plants bring, and the ecosystem will flourish with improved biodiversity above and below the soil line. 

Tree Planting

Yard Care & Maintenance

Our yard clean-up process is different to the rest because we like to help maintain a healthy ecosystem. Nature never intended for us to rake up all the leaves every year and cut back all the plants, but we understand that there’s still some care and maintenance that is required when living in an urban environment. In this service we can provide pruning for small shrubs and plants that require it to maintain health. If you have a lot of leaves we can rake them up and place them into a garden using it as a mulch or take some away while leaving some to still benefit the insects and soil. Every yard is different and requires different maintenance, contact us about the services below and we can set-up an appointment to come by and assess your yard with you.


Hedging & Small Plant Pruning

Maintaining ornamental and functional plants can get overwhelming all season long. We are happy to help to keep your yard looking beautiful all year round. We can come on a schedule to keep your plants uniform for the entire growing season, or some plants just need an annual prune at the right time to help them focus their resources properly for optimum growth and flowering.

Weed Removal

Weeding is an important part in keeping your plants healthy. Weeds can steal nutrients, sun and space from your plants. Regular weeding will keep your garden looking beautiful while keeping your plants healthy and happy in the growing season. We provide routine weeding on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the needs of your garden. We also provide one-time weeding services if all you need is a head start in cleaning up a garden space.

Leaf Clearing

Leaf breakdown is an important part of soil regeneration, but sometimes we don’t need the carpet of leaves that our trees shed on us each autumn. By removing some at the right time will leave enough for beneficial organisms to shelter overwinter, and be right in your yard to get back to work helping your ecosystem the following spring. Where appropriate we can also use some as a quick-release organic material in other parts of your yard.

Compost Spreading and Mulching

The best time to do this service is in the Spring when plants are just starting to come out of dormancy and starting to put on new growth. Adding a layer of compost will provide essential nutrients to the soil ecosystem which in turn feeds your plants. Healthy, nutrient rich soil allows your plants to maintain optimal health and reduces the risk of pests and disease. After the compost is layered into the garden we recommend adding a thick layer of organic mulch. This layer will help retain moisture in the soil, protect the soil and the plant roots from drying out while feeding the soil by slowly breaking down over time. 

Garden Edging Clean-up 

Preventing grass and other plants from creeping into your beds helps keep your Holistic Habitat beautiful, and prevents nutrient theft by unwanted plants. We’ll get our hands dirty and clean up the edges of your beds, so you can save your back, sit down and enjoy your yard the way you wanted to!

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